Steve Curtis
Gender Male
Played by Don McManus
Job Family Law
Friends Bonnie Plunkett (A.A. Friend/Ex-Girlfriend)
Christy Plunkett (A.A. Friend)
Violet Plunkett (Acquaintance/Client)
Luke (Acquaintance/Client)
Jeff Taylor (Acquaintance/Client)
Suzanne Taylor (Acquaintance/Client)
Episodes 4
First Seen Clumsy Monkeys and a Tilted Uterus
Last Seen Lockjaw and a Liquid Diet
Seasons Season 1Season 3Season 4

Steve Curtis is a recurring character on Mom. He has appeared in Season 1, Season 2 and Season 4's finale. He had a fling with Bonnie Plunkett and has a career in Family Law. He attends A.A. Meetings.


Steve grew up in America, when he was young, he was inappropriately touched by his babysitter and grew up to be an addict, he attends A.A. Meetings while holding down a job in Family Law, he talks to Bonnie and Christy during one of the A.A. Meetings and gets hired to deal with the adoption of Violet and Luke's unborn baby with Suzanne and Jeff Taylor.


Season 1

During Season 1's "Clumsy Monkeys and a Tilted Uterus" [20], Steve introduces himself to Christy, Christy doesn't know his name but remembers that he is two weeks sober and was "touched inappropriately" by his babysitter, after she introduces her mother to him, Bonnie and Steve shake hands. He then tells them that he practices Family Law and he offers them help with the adoption that Violet is going through with Suzanne and Jeff Taylor, they decline his help and would rather let the agency handle it, he then tells them that adoption agencies don't have their best wishes at heart, they only care about one thing "placing the baby and getting their fee", Christy then asks what he cares about and he replies with "getting my fee", he then adds "And you, of course." Bonnie asks him how much his he charges hourly and she makes different noises which imply he needs to take it down, she stops making the noises when she is fine with the charge, which goes from $400/hr to telling them he'll get the fee from the adoptive parents, as he realises Bonnie doesn't want to pay and he really wants to do the job. Bonnie then hires him and shakes his hand.

Steve and Bonnie

Bonnie gives Steve a shocked look.

At the Plunkett household, we see Steve going through what he's going to say using actions, which include holding a baby and using his hands to mimick being pregnant. Bonnie, Christy and Violet all look confused and a little worried, Violet admits that she can't believe they hired him. Bonnie walks over to talk to him and he expresses that he is completely scared and doesn't think he can do it, as he admits he has never practiced Law with out being 'loaded' (doing drugs). Christy walks over to check on them and Bonnie tells her that he is detoxing, Christy tells him he seemed fine at the meeting, very scared and anxious, he admits he was 'high as a kite' at the meeting. The Taylors arrive and they all introduce themselves, Jeff apologises for his sweaty hands, admitting he is nervous, Steve awkwardly admits he is nervous too. Bonnie introduces the Taylors to Steve, he blurts out he'll discuss the fee with them later, Bonnie gives him a 'shut up' look. Steve makes a series of comments during their coversation that implies that he seems like a fake lawyer that doesn't know what to do, which is half true. A while later Luke says he won't sign his rights over but they seems nice, which make the Taylors walk out. After the adoption goes wrong, Christy and Violet have a talk and hear footsteps on the roof, Bonnie walks into the room and states that Steve is on the roof.

Steve and the Plunketts

Steve gets ready to finish the adoption with the Plunketts and Luke.

After numerous Luke comes to Christy for help, Luke is ready to sign over his rights, Steve is more nervous to go over it again, when he does come back he gives Luke and Violet, The Relinquishment of Parental Rights to sign and Bonnie states that she is proud of him for doing it without alcohol or drugs. Steve then asks for a ride t court so he can file the paperwork, as he has a car, but no license to drive it. Violet offers to drive him home.

Season 3

During Season 3, he appeared in "A Pirate, Three Frogs and a Prince", when he becomes a potential love interest for Bonnie.

Season 4

During Season 4 he appeared in "Lockjaw and a Liquid Diet", being someone Bonnie wanted to hire to pay off a $18,000 debt in taxes, after she is tracked down because of it.

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