Nick Banaszak is an Episodic Character in Mom. He is portrayed by Chris Pratt, the then-husband of Anna Faris.


Nick was first introduced in a Season 4 to his aunt Marjorie’s fellow A.A friends, who all instantly seemed to fall in love with him.

Not much else is known about his except his mother is Marjorie’s sister, and he’s a professional horse-riding instructor.


Nick appears in Season 4's "Good Karma and the Big Weird", when he is found out to be the nephew of Marjorie, who says that he is off limits to anyone in her A.A. Meetings.

Christy initially follows her rule, but after thinking about Nick and having a talk with Bonnie, she decides to break it, and Nick becomes a love interest for Christy.

Christy tries to break it off and then finds out the real reason she was never supposed to date him: he was institutionalized for being crazy and too clingy.



  • At the time of his appearance on the show, he was the boyfriend of Christy, when the two respective actors we’re married in real life.
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