James Widdoes is a writer and producer.


Widdoes starred as senior student and Fraternity President "Robert Hoover", alongside John Belushi, in the 1978 film, National Lampoon's Animal House, as well as the 1979 TV series spin-off, Delta House. He has guest-starred in many TV series episodes since then, including Remington Steele, Night Court, Dave's World and My Wife and Kids. Widdoes starred as father of the house "Stan Pembroke" in the 1984-1985 seasons of Charles in Charge.

Since 1998, he has directed and/or produced many episodes for various TV series. Some of these include Just the Ten of Us, Empty Nest, Anything But Love, Harry and the Hendersons, Boston Common, Brother's Keeper, Reba, 8 Simple Rules, The King of Queens, 'Til Death, The Bill Engvall Show and Two and a Half Men.


Widdoes graduated from the prestigious Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, Connecticut in 1972, and, today, sits on its Board of Trustees. He began his acting career during college, starring in a production of "The New Amen Show" at the Diners Playhouse in Lexington, Kentucky in 1974. He next attended New York University's Tisch School of Arts, graduating in 1976 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. While in New York, he roomed with such soon-to-be famous actors as Michael O'Keefe, from Caddyshack (1980) and The Great Santini (1979). He then began performing on New York stages in productions such as the 1977 Equity Library Theatre revival of "Wonderful Town" and the 1982 Broadway musical, "Is There Life After High School?", for which he won a Theatre World Award.

In addition to being on the Loomis Chaffee School's Board, Widdoes is also active in many other community-oriented programs. He sits on the Board of Directors for the Turning Point School; and has been on the Board of Trustees for the California Association of Independent Schools; the Board of Directors/Executive Committee for Camp Dudley-YMCA; and the Executive Advisory Board of The Gordie Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Dallas, Texas that "[provides] today's young people with the skills to navigate the dangers of alcohol, binge drinking, peer pressure and hazing". The organization was founded in memory of Lynn Gordon Bailey Jr.


Widdoes is married to Brooks Hendrie, and has two sons, Charles Landauer and Sumner Dickinson, and a daughter, Margaret Hendrie.

Below is his Contributions as a Director for Mom. For further information on her and her contribution to the film industry please see IMDB.



Year Title No. Role Notes

Season 1

2013 "Six Thousand Bootleg T-Shirts and a Prada Handbag" 05 Director Directed by
2013 "Estrogen and a Hearty Breakfast" 07 Director Directed by
2014 "Jail, Jail and Japanese Porn" 17 Director Directed by
2014 "Broken Dreams and Blocked Arteries" 21 Director Directed by

Season 2

2015 "Mashed Potatoes and a Little Nitrous" 19 Director Directed by
2015 "Sick Popes and a Red Ferrari" 20 Director Directed by
2015 "Patient Zero and the Chocolate Fountain" 21 Director Directed by
2015 "Fun Girl Stuff and Eternal Salvation" 22 Director Directed by

Season 3

2015 "Terrorists and Gingerbread" 01 Director Directed by
2015 "Thigh Gap and a Rack of Lamb" 02 Director Directed by
2015 "Mozzarella Sticks and a Gay Piano Bar" 03 Director Directed by
2015 "Sawdust and Brisket" 04 Director Directed by
2015 "A Pirate, Three Frogs and a Prince" 05 Director Directed by
2015 "Horny-Goggles and a Catered Intervention" 06 Director Directed by
2016 "Snickerdoodle and a Nip Slip" 08 Director Directed by
2016 "My Little Pony and a Demerol Drip" 09 Director Directed by
2016 "Quaaludes and Crackerjack" 10 Director Directed by
2016 "Cinderella and a Drunk MacGyver" 11 Director Directed by
2016 "Diabetic Lesbians and a Blushing Bride" 12 Director Directed by
2016 "Sticky Hands and a Walk on the Wild Side" 13 Director Directed by
2016 "Death, Death, Death and a Bucket of Chicken" 14 Director Directed by
2016 "Nazi Zombies and a Two-Hundred Pound Baby" 15 Director Directed by
2016 "Cornflakes and the Hair of Three Men" 16 Director Directed by
2016 "Beast Mode and Old People Kissing" 18 Director Directed by
2016 "A Catheter and a Dipsy-Doodle" 19 Director Directed by
2016 "Pure Evil and a Free Piece of Cheesecake" 20 Director Directed by
2016 "Mahjong Sally and the Ecstasy" 21 Director Directed by
2016 "Atticus Finch and the Downtrodden" 22 Director Directed by
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