It's real hard to crash a stationary bike, but it can be done.
Crazy Snakes and a Clog to the Head
Season 5, Episode 17
Total Episode Count: 105
Air Date April 12, 2018
Produced by Chuck Lorre
Carol Anne Miller
Steven V. Silver
Joe Bella
Toti Levine
Suzanne McCormack
Written by Story by:
Susan McMartin
Anne Flett-Giordano

Teleplay by:
Nick Bakay
Sheldon Bull
Michael Shipley

Directed by James Widdoes
Production Code T12.15717
Length 18 minutes
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Crazy Snakes and a Clog to the Head is the seventeenth episode of Season 5 and 105th episode of Mom.


When Christy and the group hold a meeting at a womens' prison, Bonnie gets attacked by a woman named Tammy.

Bonnie cannot for the life of her remember who the woman is, and spends a very long time trying to figure it out, because she claims Bonnie ruined her life. She finally figures it out and tries to make amends with her.

Title Meaning

(Crazy Snakes) A thing Bonnie used to draw.

(A Clog to the Head) Christy on her head pain.

Episode Description

We open with prison guards taking prisoners out of the room. Bonnie is being bandaged by a prison nurse, Jill picks up an ice pack and Wendy is standing over Bonnie watching the nurse bandage up Bonnie's wrist. Wendy comments, "Really? That's how you're gonna do it?" Bonnie hits back at her, telling her this nurse is a prison nurse, meaning she can bandage her up and kick her ass. The nurse gives Wendy a look of "yes I can". Wendy finishes with "Not properly" and Bonnie gives her a sharp look.

We next see Jill and Christy. Jill has given Christy the ice pack and is now asking Christy to follow her finger with her eyes. Christy asks what she is looking for and Jill states that she doesn't actually know. Christy states that she is fine, she just feels like she took a clog to the head. Marjorie comes over and apologizes for it, saying they help her with her back pain, and lets it be known that it isn't her fault someone hit her with Wendy. Jill starts to check her arm, alarmed she says, "Oh, my God, my watch, my watch! [screaming] Someone stole my watch!", and calms down after realizing that she hid it in her bra. Bonnie and Wendy give her a "why" look.

A prison official comes in to ask if everyone is OK, and Jill states that Bonnie's arm is broken. Bonnie corrects Jill, stating that her arm isn't broken and Wendy butts in one more time to say that it's just poorly bandaged. Marjorie states that they were just trying to help some alcoholics. Christy picks up a object that she thinks is a earring and quickly realizes, to her horror, that it is in fact a tooth.


The prison official asks the girls to tell her exactly what happened, they all talk at once and she asks for one person to tell her. Marjorie recounts the story on the way to the prison, the prison official asks her to move along with the story, and Marjorie states that she was just trying to give her some context.

Jill recounts the story in a more smooth way: "We arrived. Ate a bowl of something grey with cornbread. Then we started the panel for the inmates, Wendy bombed with her jokes--" Wendy interrupts to say that the audience was starting to warm up, and Christy rips the illusion from her by telling her that "someone spit on you".

Jill carries on: "Then Christy did her usual 'hate my Mom, wanna be a lawyer', then it was my turn to share my story." Christy interjects to say that it wasn't really her story, and Jill carries on with what happened leading up to now; visuals come up of a flashback.

Cast and Characters

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Main Cast

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Jill: Follow my finger, follow my finger...
Christy: What are you looking for?
Jill: I don't know.

[Nurse is bandaging Bonnie's wrist.]
Wendy: Really? That's how you're gonna do it?
Bonnie: Wendy, she's a prison nurse, which means she can bandage you up and kick your ass.
Wendy: Not properly.

[telling her story]
Jill: I'm not gonna lie, it's just so hard being poor, juggling four jobs at four different job places. Okay, even I didn't believe what I just said. Truth is I'm rich, like, I don't even know how much a loaf of bread costs rich.

[telling her story]
Jill: I recently threw away three years of sobriety. I was drinking in every room in my big fancy house, including the gym. It's real hard to crash a stationery bike, but, it can be done.




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