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Chef Rudy is the chef at The Rustic Fig and is a Main Character in Season 1 and Season 2 of Mom and Guest Character after the second season. He slowly becomes an alcoholic and in Season 7 he attends A.A. meetings with Christy but gives up after a few. He is portrayed by French Stewart.


Early Life

Very little is currently known about Chef Rudy's early life. His natural accent is from Boston, where he worked at a Denny's for a time before he moved to Napa, California, and began working at The Rustic Fig.


We first see Rudy in the "Pilot", where he taste tests food, gives advice to other chefs and sorts problems out. The manager, Adam, comes in and he asks Adam to taste food and give feedback, Adam says it tastes fine but he thinks it tastes bad. Christy complains while sorting out plates to take out and says that a customer said something bad to her while she was talking about the Salmon they served, he takes this to mean something is wrong with the salmon, but Christy clears up that the customer insulted her by complimenting her waitressing skill while she and the staff know that she's not "a good waitress". Christy then gets angry and takes it out on insulting the food she's serving which makes all the staff stop and look at her in offence, especially Rudy, who asks her to repeat what she just said, Christy hits back at him to get over it and calls out that she saw him at McDonalds "going down on a Big Mac". Christy walks out and everyone turns to look at him, he corrects her saying it was a Filet-O-Fish. The next day, Gabriel overhears Paul crying and Rudy comforting him about an incident involving his finger, when he sees Gabriel watching he closes the door telling Gabriel the matter doesn't concern him. As he and Paul walk out they see Christy and he tells her not to serve the soup, implying that it's been contaminated by Paul.

A Pee Stick and an Asian Raccoon
Christy goes to work and he comments that she looks sad and she tells him that her daughter found out she's pregnant. He asks if she's a cheerleader with an overbite which Christy denies and he seems relieved, implying that he slept with one. As Christy walks out he tells her to stay strong. The next day Christy goes back to work in a very good mood and he asks if she's on cocaine, she denies this and says it's because of her family after she walks out he says "Family? That stuff will kill you" and tastes food.

A Small Nervous Meltdown and a Misplaced Fork
Paul and Rudy overhear Christy and Adam talking about Adam continuously cheating on his wife with Christy. Paul hands him money implying that Rudy had bet money that Christy and Adam were sleeping together. After Christy and Adam are done talking and Christy walks out, Paul whispers to Rudy to ask Adam to give them money to not tell his wife, Claudia, that him and Christy are sleeping together.

Loathing and Tube Socks
Christy has just been insulted by a customer and walks into the kitchen angry. Gabriel says, "you look really pretty today, did you change your hair?", she picks up his food, replies with "Bite me!" and walks out. Rudy comments, "is it just me or do crazy waitresses give you a woody?" Paul agrees with him using a celery stick. Later on in the episode, Christy tells Rudy that she is aware she has been a bitch recently, but she is working on being a better person. Rudy states that he appreciates the settlement and tells her good luck with it, and as Christy walks away, Rudy asks Paul if he's thinking what he's thinking. Paul agrees with him once again using a celery stick. Christy walks up to Gabriel, breaks up with him and walks out, and Paul and Rudy use facial expressions to mock his sadness. 

Abstinence and Pudding
Christy is working in the restaurant and asks Chef Rudy, "since when do you bake pies?", to which he replies that the pastry chef threw a hissy fit and quit because she and Rudy weren't having sex anymore. Gabriel tells Rudy they need to hire a new male pastry chef, Rudy quips that it won't stop him from having sex with them, according to his newfound bisexuality, adding "You zig, I zag.". Gabriel tries to talk with Christy, Christy tells him to experiment in his own sexuality with Chef Rudy, and we see Chef Rudy give Gabriel a look as if he wants to have sex with Gabriel.

Estrogen and a Hearty Breakfast
At the restaurant, Bonnie shows up to Christy's work and they talk in the kitchen away from customers. Adam comes in making a comment about Christy having family in the kitchen and Bonnie hits back with a comment about Adam sleeping with her, he gives up and leaves the kitchen. Rudy then tries to flirt with Bonnie, but she dismisses him and he makes another comment that suprises her and he turns around and gets back to work.

Big Sur and Strawberry Lube
Christy comes into the kitchen and looks annoyed and upset, Rudy asks "A penny for your thoughts, a thousand dollars for your tushy?" and Christy replies back that sexual harrassment in the workplace needs to stop.

Zombies and Cobb Salad
Christy complains to Chef Rudy that the food she needs to serve isn't ready. He turns around, exhales smoke–implying that he's high–and tells her it's cool, Christy complains that everyone in her life is getting high, Paul also exhales smoke afterwards. Adam comes in and Christy complains about them and walks out.

Cotton Candy and Blended Fish
Christy comes in to work and is visibly dealing with symptoms of something. Rudy asks if she is sick and she tells him she has allergies–caused by being around cats–Adam also enters and tells Christy that she should go home, Christy becomes annoyed and says that maybe they should all go home and cause death is coming for their loved ones as she leaves the kitchen with plates of food to serve for the customers. Adam comments to Rudy and Paul that she seemed less crazy when they were sleeping together. Rudy says that they all (women) do.

Corned Beef and Handcuffs
Rudy walks into the cafè that Bonnie and Christy usually go to. Suprised to see them he joins them and flirts with Bonnie and leaves. At the restaurant, he asks what chances he has with Christy's mother, Christy tells him that Bonnie does like him and that he should call her if he wants, Rudy makes a sexual comment about Bonnie and Christy asks him why and how he's allowed to even touch food. Christy is on the phone with Bonnie and passes the phone to Rudy they talk on the phone. Overhearing him talk to her mother, Christy makes gestures of stabbing herself and bangs her head. Later on Chef Rudy turns up at the Plunkett's household to take Bonnie out and talks to Christy while he waits, Bonnie comes out and they leave and go to his house. He asks Bonnie to taste a cherry tomato with vingar splashed on it, Bonnie eats it and express how good it tastes. He offers her wine–without knowledge that she is a former alcoholic–and she declines. Later on, hes at the restaurant with Christy and asks about his relationship with her mother, he tells her there is no relationship and he just wants to have sex with her. Christy becomes angry because he didn't set any rules or boundaries and Bonnie believed that he wanted a relationship. She tells Bonnie and Bonnie becomes upset and angry, Christy asks her if she's gonna do anything and Bonnie denies it but intends to make Rudy upset. She later visits Rudy and uses his wine collection and her anger combined to make him apologise for being "a pig". Christy later realises that Bonnie went to his house to do someting and goes around to his house to see glass smashed on the floor and exlaims that she's too late. However she hears them having sex in the next room and leaves. Bonnie and Christy are both sat at home with a gift basket from him on their table, Christy then phones him to say thank you for the gift basket.

Hot Soup and Shingles
Christy suffers an accident falling off a ladder and comes into work. Christy picks up soup to serve customers and express the pain she is in while doing it, she spills some while coming out of the kitchen, Paul, Adam and Rudy watch her with some enjoyment on their faces. Christy spills almost all of the soup as she tries to walk to the table while in pain and avoiding accidents, she turns back to the kitchen to get more soup because the customers have none, Rudy and Adam stand behind the kitchen doors peeking, Adam gives a thumbs up gesture to a visibly annoyed Christy.

Nietzsche and a Beer Run
Christy gets carried out of the restaurant by David, a fireman and customer in the restaurant and sees Rudy who picks up a box looking guilty and tells her that he's not stealing lobster whilst implying that he is.

Jail Jail and Japanese Porn
Rudy overhears Christy asking Paul if he still sells weed "on the side", he walks over to her and gestures her to follow him into the kitchen freezer, Rudy asks what specifically she wants but slightly annoys him when she says she only wants "a couple of joints", he hands it to her saying he'll keep it a secret and that Paul handles the "nickel-and-dime" (money) side of things.

Sonograms and Tube Tops
Christy is throwing a baby shower for Violet and comes to Rudy for help, asking him to give her some food from the restaurant–which he points out is stealing from the restaurant–he asks her what she wants and she asks for leftovers–which he points out is the food he usually steals from the restaurant–Rudy then gives her a shrimp platter, carpaccio and crème brûlée along with some other things.

Toilet Wine and the Earl of Sandwich

Christy, Bonnie, Regina and Marjorie are at the restaurant while Christy takes advantage of her employee discount, Rudy comes over to try and flirt with Bonnie but she turns him away instantly, he then tells her that he's going back into the kitchen to "molest" her dessert.

In "Hepatitis and Lemon Zest", Christy overhears him placing a bet that he "can't lose" down, she then asks him about it and places a secret $6,000–that she also can't lose–down, she later wins the money so she can pay three months of rent that she is behind on, but gets mugged before paying.

In "Figgy Pudding and the Rapture", Christy makes adjustments to her work uniform so she can get more tips, but it doesn't work and she comes into the kitchen frustrated. Rudy comments that he likes the new adjustment, so Christy takes out tube socks from her bra and throws them at him telling him that he can have them. He puts the socks to his nose and creepily comments that they're "still warm". He then walks over to her and asks what's wrong suggesting that he thinks she's back to pole dancing, she comments that she would actually be making more money that way but isn't currently doing that. Rudy suggest an alternative but it sounds sexual so Christy just walks away with food to serve while he's talking. She then comes back with the plate in her hand and grabs the socks out of his hands and then walks back out of the kitchen.

In "Soapy Eyes and a Clean Slate", Adam comments that sobreity hasn't made Christy any less crazy, Rudy comments that, to him, it's not a bad thing that she's crazy.

In "Kitty Litter and a Class A Felony", he's working in the kitchen when Christy comes in after her father dies–unknown to him–and says "Well look who finally showed up to work!". Paul then whispers to him that her father died, and he corrects himself telling her he's sorry that her father died. He then says he wishes he got to meet–Paul whispers in his ear Alvin's name but with a thick accent–Abner, Christy corrects him and says it's "Alvin" and that Rudy did meet him. Rudy then gets mad at Paul telling him "You've been in this country 30 years, when you gonna lose the accent?"

In "Benito Poppins and a Warm Pumpkin", at the restaurant, the staff are gathered before the restaurant is open and Christy is the new manager of the restaurant after Gabriel becomes depressed, Christy says that Gabriel was loved and will be missed, and Rudy interrupts her implying that he wasn't and he won't, Paul also whispers in his ear implying the same thing. Later on he comes out of the kitchen asking Christy about the produce that she signed for, it turns out that she signed for Cauliflower to be delivered to the restaurant instead of Broccoli, which Rudy and Paul are both mad at her for, Rudy walks away but Paul glares at her, Rudy ushers him to come back to the kitchen. Later on, when everyone is working and the restaurant is open. Rudy warns Christy that there are entrees stacking up and they need to be out with the customers instead of still in the kitchen. Under pressure Christy hands plates of food to waitresses calling out table numbers to send them to, after the waitresses all leave she's left with two very hot plates–unaware that they were hot–and visibly expresses the pain she's in, Rudy comments "Those are hot.", Christy hits back sarcastically with "Thanks for heads up!", Rudy hits back angrily "Thanks for the yellow broccoli!". The next day, Christy tries a different approach to being manager, being more tough on her staff. A delivery person for the restaurant asks Christy for her signature on produce in the kitchen and Christy picks up the produce says "You call this fennel, I call it crap", however Rudy is there and tells that it actually is Fennel and looks fine.

In "Turkey Meatballs and a Getaway Car", Christy becomes annoyed at how long Rudy is pounding the chicken, Rudy asks what her problem is and she tells him she doesn't have one. She leaves and Paul whispers in his ear Rudy then tells him that he keeps track and it's not until next week, which implies that Paul asked if she might be on her period. Later on Chef Rudy is in a meeting with Claudia and Christy suggesting menu ideas, Christy–who unknowingly to Rudy and Claudia is being given oral sex by Adam under her chair–enjoys all of his ideas, but not because she likes them. Claudia, however, disagrees with her, asks Rudy to come back with different ideas and then asks Rudy to leave, to which he obliges.

In "Fun Girl Stuff and Eternal Salvation", Christy is no longer manager at the restaurant and becomes tired of living with her mother and moves in with Jill, unfortunately Regina lives with her and is annoying, she then moves to Violet's, who she hears talking negatively about her in the next room and gets up and leaves and then moves to Marjorie's, who she unfortunately has to hear having sex and also gets up and leaves her house and then goes to Rudy's door but he makes a sexual comment and she doesn't step foot in his house, says "No" out loud and leaves.

In "A Catheter and a Dipsy-Doodle", a very sick Christy comes into work, after taking two orders she comes into the kitchen and gives Rudy the orders, she takes up two orders but sneezes--directly onto both plates--an annoyed Rudy who saw it sarcastically comments "lovely!", Christy hands the plates to Rudy and says sorry, Rudy tells her not to worry and he gives them to Paul telling him to give the plates to the busboys. Rudy then tells her that she should go home but Christysays she's fine and picks up a can of Red Bull out of her pocket, Rudy sarcastically comments on the fact that she's using energy drinks. Christy says that she just needs to get through her shift, Rudy comments that she should do what they all do–take a break and go outside and snort cocaine–she reminds Rudy that she is sober and Rudy reminds her that he doesn't care. Rudy then reads out the orders that Christy gave him to staff in the kitchen, however she accidentally gave him her notes that she's been studying for her law test, she takes them out of her hands and puts them back in her pocket telling him that she's got finals and is going to be a lawyer. Rudy picks up hamburger meat and sarcastically comments that he'll turn the hamburger into a steak–which he literally can't–implying that Christy isn't going to become a lawyer. A staff member comes in and says it's snowing outside and Rudy calls for a cocoaine break.

In "Diamond Earrings and a Pumpkin Head", Christy is sat down at the restaurant out of hours, counting money, Rudy comes along and asks if she wants to invest her money in a poker game, Christy tells him that she needs the money to pay back money she lost gambling. Rudy tells her that if she wins, she can pay it back faster. Christy considers but says no, Rudy then asks if she's saying no but means yes or is actually saying no. Christy tells him that she's actually saying no because she's learned her lesson with gambling, but then asks him what the buy in is. Later on Christy and Rudy are sat around a table with some members of the staff from the restaurant playing poker, Christy loses at poker and Rudy wins a full house, she exclaims no and says she needs to win, she starts fake crying and Rudy tells her she's just embarassing herself, Rudy gets up to leave but Christy threatens him, telling him that she will tell everyone his "housemaid gnocchi is from Costco" and he sits back down.

In "Flamingos and a Dance-Based Exercise Class", Christy comes out of the restaurant and goes out back to tell Rudy that customers are animals, explaining that a customer wiped sauce on her shirtsleeve. Rudy offers her a cigarette and she declines, Rudy teases her and she asks for a cigarette, and after inhaling she remembers the good feeling she used to get from it and thanks Rudy, who then pushes it too far by asking her to come back to his house, she then comments that she's smoking tobacco not ecstasy, he then asks if she would like some ecstasy and she just gives him a look that says "no". The next day, Christy walks out back of the restaurant, on her break, Rudy suprises her commenting that she back for another cigarette, Christy tells him that she has her own pack. Christy tries to light her cigarette but fails, Rudy then offers her his father's lighter, but then reveals that it's actually just a lighter that he got from a busboy.

In "Finger Guns and a Beef Bourguignon", Christy comes into the kitchen after getting an order wrong, she tells Chef Rudy and Paul whispers into his ear and Rudy says out loud "It's true, after these years, she still not good at this." Christy begs for their help saying that the table may be a very good tip for her, and Rudy expresses that he doesn't care, Christy then gets a text to come into her other work–her law firm–and makes a big exit, which she later regrets when she realises they just wanted her to get them the food that they ordered, unfortunately for her, the food is from the restaurant. She goes back to the restaurant and gets mocked from a list that staff members have contributed to, she then takes the food up and goes to leave but gets accidentally hit by someone coming through the kitchen doors, she exclaims "I hate this place!" and leaves.

In "Twirly Flippy Men and a Dirty Bird", Christy comes into work and Rudy tells her that he's now legally required–via Court Order–to go to 10 A.A. meetings, Rudy asks her to go to them and get them signed, Christy tells him no and he says that he could go to jail if he doesn't get them signed and tries to persuade her by telling her that her livelihood depends on him however she manages to convince him to go. Later on she drives him to his first A.A. meeting, she budges him through the door and his first comment is "cloudy with a chance of suicide". Christy tells him to sit down and walks over to Marjorie to complain, Marjorie then tells her that if she changed her attitude about him, she could be the one to help save his life. She later drives him home with Wendy and Jill in the backseat to his disappointment, Christy tells him that he can either get an Über or be driven home with them, he then mentions that he's banned from "Über, Lyft, and most gypsy cabs". The next day, Christy and Rudy are in another A.A. meeting, after Marjorie talks to the group, Christy asks Rudy if he wants to share, he then hits back that the only thing he'll share is Vodka. Driving back Christy starts crying thinking about Marjorie's speech, however he tells her that it was just a sad story from an old lady, Christy asks if he actually got anything from what she said, he makes a harsh comment about her outfit, to which Christy gets mad at because Marjorie is the woman who was her sponsor and A.A. meetings saved her life. Rudy makes another comment showing that he really doesn't care, Christy finally has had enough of him and she forces him out of her car. She goes to work and finds that Rudy isn't there, she goes over to his house in her work outfit, Rudy explains that he had a drink and didn't feel happy so he carried on drinking thinking that he would get happy off of it at some point and just didn't. He then tells her that she ruined drinking for him, she encourages him to come into work, he goes into his house and she does a little happy dance while singing in whispery tone: "I ruined drinking!".



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