Bonnie Plunkett
Gender Female
Nationality American
Played by Allison Janney
Age 7 years younger than Marjorie
Nickname Bon-Bon (Adam)
Job *Building Manager
  • Life Coach (fake, formerly)
Friends *The Girls
Romantic Relationships *Alvin Lester Biletnikoff † (Ex-Boyfriend)
Episodes 105
Family *Shirley Stabler † (Mother)
First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Crazy Snakes and a Clog to the Head
Seasons Season 1Season 2Season 3Season 4Season 5

Bonnie Plunkett is one of the main characters on Mom.


Early Life

As a teenager Bonnie began drinking at 15 years of age. She was in the foster care system being bounced around from house to house when she ran off with Alvin, she became pregnant and had Christy but he abandoned them at the hospital and Bonnie almost put Christy up for adoption. A nice Jewish couple was going to adopt her, but Bonnie backed out at the last minute. From then on, she tried her best to raise Christy, but Christy ended up raising herself as Bonnie did drugs and came home late. A few years later Bonnie tracked down Christy.

Season 1

After Bonnie tracked down Christy she tried to fit into her life, no matter how much she annoyed Christy; who is newly sober.

In "Big Sur and Strawberry Lube" [08] Bonnie thinks she's pregnant however a visit to the Gynaecologist reveals she's not pregnant and all the symptoms she mistook for being pregnant (big boobs, no periods) are from starting menopause, to which, she understandably, got very pissed at as she walked out of the doctors room, to which, made Christy act like she doesn't know her.


  • Light Brown hair, almost reaching down to chest.
  • Blue Eyes
  • Pierced Ears, different earrings, sometimes none.





Relationship: Daughter
Bonnie and Christy have a very complicated relationship. When Christy was a child, Bonnie would often do drugs, get drunk, and occasionally commit felonies, and sometimes include Christy in her crimes. Having gotten sober years later, the two have reconnected, though Christy still on more sometimes Christy would still blame Bonnie for some of the choices she has made, because of her upbringing. But ultimately, their relationship has been more supportive to one another.


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Relationship: Granddaughter
Bonnie has been a source of comfort to her granddaughter through the years. Violet hold much resentment to Christy, but she has been comfortable talking to Bonnie. When Violet cut ties with Christy, she still kept in touch with Bonnie.


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Relationship: Grandson
Relationship description goes here.


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Relationship: Biological Mother
Bonnie has had a long time resentment towards her mother, who abandoned her to the foster system when Bonnie was four years old, where she'd stay for the rest of her childhood, into adolescence. With her bad experience as a foster kid, Bonnie put much of the blame and anger of her problems on her mother. After meeting her after so many years, Bonnie was convinced by Marjorie to fogive her mother, but ultimately Bonnie would not let her back into her life.


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Relationship: Half-Brother (Through Shirley)
Relationship description goes here.



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Relationship: Friend
Relationship description goes here.



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Relationship: Ex/Late-Boyfriend
Alvin was an early boyfriend of Bonnie's when she was a teenager. They were together and Bonnie got pregnant with Christy. After Christy was born, Alvin ran away, abandoning Bonnie and baby Christy. Bonnie resented him for years. When Christy began establishing a relationship with her father, Bonnie was against it and repeatedly threatened him or taunted him in his failings. However, when he had a heart attack, Bonnie's romantic feelings for him re-emerged and the two began dating again. When he died, Bonnie was devistated and took a while for her to heal from the loss.


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Relationship: Boyfriend
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