Alissa Neubauer is a Writer and Producer.

Below is a list of her Contributions to Mom, as a Writer and Producer. For more information on her Contributions to the Film Industry, please see her IMDB profile.


  • Prod. = "Producer"
  • Exe. = "Executive"


Year Title No. Role Notes

Season 1

2013 "Six Thousand Bootleg T-Shirts and a Prada Handbag" 05 Prod. Prod.
2013 "Abstinence and Pudding" 06 Prod. Prod.
2013 "Estrogen and a Hearty Breakfast" 07 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Prod.
2013 "Big Sur and Strawberry Lube" 08 Writer/Prod. Story/Prod.
2013 "Zombies and Cobb Salad" 09 Writer/Prod. Story/Prod.
2013 "Belgian Waffles and Bathroom Privileges" 10 Writer/Prod. Story/Prod.
2013 "Cotton Candy and Blended Fish" 11 Writer/Prod. Story/Prod.
2013 "Corned Beef and Handcuffs" 12 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Prod.
2014 "Hot Soup and Shingles" 13 Prod. Prod.
2014 "Leather Cribs and Medieval Rack" 14 Writer/Prod. Story/Prod.
2014 "Fireballs and Bullet Holes" 15 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Prod.
2014 "Nietzsche and a Beer Run" 16 Prod. Prod.
2014 "Jail, Jail and Japanese Porn" 17 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Prod.
2014 "Sonograms and Tube Tops" 18 Prod. Prod.
2014 "Toilet Wine and the Earl of Sandwich" 19 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Prod.
2014 "Clumsy Monkeys and a Tilted Uterus" 20 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Prod.
2014 "Broken Dreams and Blocked Arteries" 21 Prod. Prod.
2014 "Smokey Taylor and a Deathbed Confession" 22 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Prod.

Season 2

2014 "Hepatitis and Lemon Zest" 01 Prod. Supervising Prod.
2014 "Figgy Pudding and the Rapture" 02 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Supervising Prod.
2014 "Chicken Nuggets and a Triple Homicide" 03 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Supervising Prod.
2014 "Forged Resumes and the Recommended Dosage" 04 Prod. Supervising Prod.
2014 "Kimchi and a Monkey Playing Harmonica" 05 Prod. Supervising Prod.
2014 "Crazy Eyes and a Wet Brad Pitt" 06 Writer/Prod. Story/Supervising Prod.
2014 "Soapy Eyes and a Clean Slate" 07 Writer/Prod. Story/Supervising Prod.
2014 "Free Therapy and a Dead Lady's Yard Sale" 08 Prod. Supervising Prod./Prod.
2015 "Godzilla and a Sprig of Mint" 09 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Supervising Prod.
2015 "Nudes and a Six-Day Cleanse" 10 Writer/Prod. Story/Supervising Prod.
2015 "Three Smiles and an Unpainted Ceiling" 11 Prod. Supervising Prod.
2015 "Kitty Litter and a Class A Felony" 12 Prod. Supervising Prod.
2015 "Cheeseburger Salad and Jazz" 13 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Supervising Prod.
2015 "Benito Poppins and a Warm Pumpkin" 14 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Supervising Prod.
2015 "Turkey Meatballs and a Getaway Car" 15 Prod. Supervising Prod.
2015 "Dirty Money and a Woman Named Mike" 16 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Supervising Prod.
2015 "A Commemorative Coin and a Misshapen Head" 17 Prod. Supervising Prod.
2015 "Dropped Soap and a Big Guy on a Throne" 18 Prod. Supervising Prod.
2015 "Mashed Potatoes and a Little Nitrous" 19 Prod. Supervising Prod.
2015 "Sick Popes and a Red Ferrari" 20 Writer/Prod. Story/Supervising Prod.
2015 "Patient Zero and the Chocolate Fountain" 21 Prod. Supervising Prod.
2015 "Fun Girl Stuff and Eternal Salvation" 22 Writer/Prod. Story/Supervising Prod.

Season 3

2015 "Terrorists and Gingerbread" 01 Prod. Co-exe. Prod.
2015 "Thigh Gap and a Rack of Lamb" 02 Prod. Co-exe. Prod.
2015 "Mozzarella Sticks and a Gay Piano Bar" 03 Prod. Co-exe. Prod.
2015 "Sawdust and Brisket" 04 Prod. Co-exe. Prod.
2015 "A Pirate, Three Frogs and a Prince" 05 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Co-exe. Prod.
2015 "Horny-Goggles and a Catered Intervention" 06 Prod. Co-exe. Prod.
2016 "Kreplach and a Tiny Tush" 07 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Co-exe. Prod.
2016 "Snickerdoodle and a Nip Slip" 08 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Co-exe. Prod.
2016 "My Little Pony and a Demerol Drip" 09 Prod. Co-exe. Prod.
2016 "Quaaludes and Crackerjack" 10 Prod. Co-exe. Prod.
2016 "Cinderella and a Drunk MacGyver" 11 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Co-exe. Prod.
2016 "Diabetic Lesbians and a Blushing Bride" 12 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Co-exe. Prod.
2016 "Sticky Hands and a Walk on the Wild Side" 13 Prod. Co-exe. Prod.
2016 "Death, Death, Death and a Bucket of Chicken" 14 Writer/Prod. Teleplay/Co-exe. Prod.
2016 "Nazi Zombies and a Two-Hundred Pound Baby" 15 Prod. Co-exe. Prod.
2016 "Cornflakes and the Hair of Three Men" 16 Prod. Co-exe. Prod.
2016 "Caperberries and a Glass Eye" 17 Prod. Co-exe. Prod.
2016 "Beast Mode and Old People Kissing" 18 Prod. Co-exe. Prod.
2016 "A Catheter and a Dipsy-Doodle" 19 Prod. Co-exe. Prod.
2016 "Mahjong Sally and the Ecstasy" 21 Writer Teleplay