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What's wrong with you that you would chase a crazy lady (Christy)
out of a restaurant, with a bag of someone else's food?
Christy to Adam
A Small Nervous Meltdown and a Misplaced Fork
Season 1, Episode 3
Total Episode Count: 3
Mom 1x03.jpg
Air Date October 7, 2013
Produced by Chuck Lorre
Written by Story by:
Chuck Lorre
Eddie Gorodetsky
Teleplay by:
Nick Bakay
Gemma Baker
Directed by Gary Halvorson
Production Code 4X5403
Length 21 minutes
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A Small Nervous Meltdown and a Misplaced Fork is the third episode of Season 1 and the 3rd episode of Mom.


Christy goes on her first date since she stopped drinking; Meanwhile, Bonnie teaches Roscoe how to gamble.

Episode Description

Christy attempts to take an order from a customer who makes it obvious that he's having dinner with his sister and wants to date Christy. The customer attempts to talk to Christy but continuously makes things awkward even to his sisters annoyance. Gabriel saves Christy and pulls her aside. Gabriel talks to her in the kitchen and makes it clear he's becoming jealous due to the customer flirting with her. Christy becomes annoyed at Gabriel and tells him that he has no right to control who she can or can't date and leaves back to the customers.

Christy questions his sister and asks whats going on personality wise with her brother. She tells her that he is a good guy, and that she herself would date him if it didn't make them hillbillies. Christy gives him her number, but he makes things more awkward by pretending he wasn't going to ask her out, Christy begins to leave, embarrassed. He gets up to chase after her to redeem himself telling her he was trying to look cool, but accidentally takes the table cloth with him and food almost lands on his sister but she stops it. Christy sarcastically congratulates him "Mission accomplished.". At home, Christy tries to pick out an outfit to go on her date. Bonnie continuously makes sex jokes with Christy. Christy worries about her date and Bonnie encourages her to lie about her past.

Late at night, Bonnie makes sure Violet is taking care of her baby during her pregnancy. Christy comes out in her outfit and thanks Violet for looking after Roscoe. Violet critiques her outfit which prompts Christy to go back in her room and change. Bonnie calls Violet out asking why she's being a bitch. Violet corrects that she is just being honest. Bonnie reiterates that she's still being a bitch. Violet explains that she doesn't care that Christy is going out with some random guy, Bonnie reminds her that Christy going out with some random guy is the reason she exists, and tells her that if Christy doesn't meet somebody she's either gonna turn into a crazy cat lady living with her daughter. Christy comes back out and Violet tells her that she can wear her black dress.

On their date at a restaurant, Christy jokes that if their waitress is cute he can tell her that Christy is his sister. They both reveal that they haven't eaten at the restaurant before. He reveals that he's a civil engineer and explains what it is. The waitress comes over and he questions what wine she wants and she has to reveal that she is an alcoholic which makes her spiral about her past for several minutes. Christy realizes they are both shocked and gets up to run to the bathroom. At home, Bonnie plays blackjack with Roscoe and he loses, as Violet and Luke go on their date, Bonnie jokingly threatens Luke. Violet and Luke leave and when Roscoe goes to get more money from his piggybank to play more blackjack, Bonnie jokes that she wants to teach him to play another game.

Christy is in her car believing she's going to die alone, her date knocks on her door and reveals he chased her down and brought food with him, they finish their date in her car while making jokes. At home, Bonnie jokes that Roscoe is going to grow up and make a nice lady sad, Baxter comes over and Roscoe asks Baxter for money, Baxter jokes that he was going to ask Roscoe the same thing. Police sirens go off with lights flashing and Baxter hides in their house. Christy tries to get her date to open up by asking about his last relationship, he reveals that with his last girlfriend she never told him how she was feeling but Christy won't stop spilling out her feelings. Christy continues to spill out her feelings until he kisses her to shut her up and she kisses him back. Christy tells him he has to leave because she doesn't feel like she's ready to start dating, but when she is she will go for him. He tells her that she isn't as crazy she thinks she is.

Bonnie, Roscoe and Baxter play blackjack and Baxter accidentally reveals that Bonnie didn't tell him all the rules and has technically been cheating him out of his money. Someone knocks at their door and Baxter hides. Bonnie finds Gabriel at the door, who asks where Christy is, Bonnie questions if he has left his wife yet, to which he denies. Bonnie tells him "Then I have no choice but to inform you that she is out on a date with a wealthy educated eligible bachelor who's got a canon between his legs." and closes the door in his face. Christy arrives home and almost runs over Gabriel who is leaving the house. Christy takes the opportunity to break things off with him. She sits him in her car but he accidentally sits on a fork. She drives him to the emergency room.

The next day Bonnie questions if breaking Gabriel nose and leg felt good, Christy denies it at first but admits it did. Bonnie tells her that she got her a gift that might "put a little spring" in her step. She gifts Christy a vibrating present wrapped up, Christy becomes annoyed after realizing what it is, but then thanks her and excitedly goes to her bedroom. Bonnie jokes that she is a good mother.

Title Meaning

(A Small Nervous Meltdown) Christy has a nervous meltdown after explaining what happened as a result of being addicted to alcohol to her waitress and Adam.

(A Misplaced Fork) Gabriel accidentally sits on a fork in Christy's car.

Cast and Characters

Characters and cast members crossed out are not present in this episode.

Main Cast

Guest Cast




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