Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings (A.A. Meetings) are Meetings that Main Characters: Bonnie, Christy, Marjorie, Wendy and Jill attend. Other alcoholics also attend who are usually unnamed, unless the actor/actress says their Characters' name or another Main Character mentions it.


The purpose of A.A. Meetings is to help Bonnie, Christy, Marjorie, Jill and Wendy stay sober and clean as well as other unnamed people. A.A. Meetings also helped the Characters who are trying to stay sober become friends with other people who are on the same path. Marjorie sponsored Christy on the path to becoming sober and clean. Marjorie became something of a Mother figure for Christy, looking after her the way her Mother couldn't. After a couple of years being at A.A. Meetings, Christy and Bonnie found Jodi, an addict coming off of Meth. Christy chose to Sponsor Jodie and Bonnie helped Christy in doing so. Things had an unfortunate turn of events when Christy got a phone call from the police at a wedding of Marjorie and her fiancé. Which shocked the group into grief.

Group Members



Unseen (Mentioned)


Christy is the first recognised Character we ever see at the A.A. Meetings. In the meeting she states the reason why she wants to keep attending the meetings. Speaking on her life as a Mother and being brought by an alcoholic and drug abusing addicted. When Christy sits down, we see a woman tell her she's too old to be blaming all of her problems on her Mother. Christy then responds by saying "Hi, Mom".